Laser Hair Removal

What does the treatment involve?
The Permanent Beauty hair removal system is a technologically advanced treatment that destroys hair at the root. All types of unwanted hair on virtually all areas of the body can be treated quickly and painlessly through this non-invasive light therapy (photo epilation).

How does it work?
The handpiece emits light safely into the skin through a hand held device. The light travels into the skin and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair and it is then converted into heat (photo thermolysis) which cauterizes the hair follicle. The subsequent damage results in a significant reduction in the hair’s ability to grow, which in turn over a course of treatments, results in progressive hair reduction.

What happens during the treatment?
The therapist will then work systematically over the area being treated, emitting flashes of light. The entire area will usually be covered at each treatment. A mild sting and slight heat may be felt and you may notice the smell of singeing hair. A soothing gel will then be applied and it is recommended that this be used regularly at home, together with SPF30+ sunblock. It is best to remove the hair a few days before the treatment by either shaving or trimming.

Who is suitable for the treatment?
Most adult men and women are suitable. There is no upper age limit, so long as the hair is not white. All areas of the body are suitable, except around the eye. Most skin colours are suitable but please check with the clinic if you have an Africa/Caribbean skin type.

How many treatments are required?
Many factors influence hair growth – age, ethnicity, weight, metabolism, medication, hormones and genes all play a part. Following your in depth free consultation, the Permanent Beauty therapist will advise you of the realistic expectation. An average of 6-12 treatments is usually required.

What should I expect to happen?

The hair may appear to continue to grow after the treatment, but is in fact shedding. This can take from 1-4 weeks and the hair will then fall out and re-grow usually more slowly than normal, softer, finer, lighter and slightly patchy. This is because the hairs that were actively growing when you received your treatment have been damaged or destroyed. After each treatment progressively more unwanted hairs are destroyed, with the hair free areas becoming larger and more apparent.

How does laser hair removal work on the hair?
The melanin in the hair (which gives hair its colour) absorbs the light, which is momentarily converted into heat. This heat is transferred to the growth cells at the root of the hair, permanently disabling them. Most colours of unwanted hair can be removed from all parts of the body, except very sensitive areas such as the inside of the nose and ear.

Does laser hair removal hurt?
Not really, although the treatment sensation will vary from client to client. Most of our clients say that it feels like the flicking of an elastic band on their skin. Any discomfort is momentary and there is no lasting sensation.




Facial one area/fingers/toes/naval line 25.00
Facial 2 areas 40.00
Facial 3 areas 60.00
Full Face 75.00
Neck 50.00
Under arm 40.00
Bikini Standard 50.00
Brazilian 60.00
Hollywood 70.00
1/2 leg 80.00
Full Leg from 110.00
Half Back/chest 70.00
Full Back or chest& abdomen 125.00
1/2 arm 65.00
Full arm 99.99
Buttocks/abdomen/Shoulders 65.00
Course Prices available on request